Mark Wolynn
Exclusive training with Mark Wolynn


Exclusive training with Mark Wolynn

Inherited Family Trauma Training

Diagnosis and Resolution in Individual Sessions
Working with Clients Online and In Person

“Unconscious family loyalties and unresolved traumas are carried in the words we speak,
the symptoms we express and the body defenses we unknowingly construct.”

This rare training – the only training led by Mark Wolynn in 2020 – is suitable for all mental health professionals and anyone interested in personal healing.

Ready to take things to the next level?

Join Mark Wolynn, author of the award-winning It Didn’t Start With You, and learn effective ways to break inherited patterns of suffering. Whether you’re already working with people or just want to learn more, this professional development course is a fast track to deepening your clinical skills. You will gain both personal insights as well a laser sharp therapeutic tools.

Level 1
The Art of Diagnosis & Effective Resolutions
8-week live online training

2. 5 hours per week
September 16, 23, 30
October 7, 21, 28
November 4, 11
7.00 – 9.30 pm Copenhagen time

The problem, as well as the solution, is often revealed within the first moments of interaction with your client. If we listen only to our client’s story, we risk following our clients into the places where they perpetuate their issues and remain stuck. However, when we know how to get to the core of an issue, we can implement the most potent solutions.

In the Module 1 of the training, you will learn how to quickly expose the root causes behind many of the emotions, behaviors, fears and reactive patterns that keep us mired in our daily lives. You will learn to explore words, fears, symptoms and body language in a way which, not only illuminates the core issue, but also the tools and resources necessary for a thorough resolution. You will learn how to identify the unconscious loyalties, unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics that contribute to patterns of illness, unhappiness and dissatisfaction, as well as learn practical and safe interventions that can be used either online or in person to deepen a client’s healing process.

In this training, you will:

  • Learn to recognize the Four Unconscious Themes that can affect heath, vitality, success and relationships.
  • Learn the Core Language Approach—a specific method of questioning designed to quickly reveal the source of an issue.
  • Learn how to identify trauma language that lives beneath the client’s story.
  • Learn how to work with chronic illness and persistent medical conditions.
  • Learn how to track the words, fears, symptoms and behaviors that lead to unresolved traumas in the family history.
  • Learn how to distinguish the pivotal events in a traumagram.
  • Provide clients with a context for understanding the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms they’ve been experiencing.
  • Provide clients with new images and healing sentences for resolution.
  • Learn body-centered practices based in neuroscience to ground positive experiences in the body


Level 2
Effective Resolutions

In this module (which will take place either as a 3-day live training in Copenhagen with Mark Wolynn or online), you will:

  • Learn how to construct visceral, three-dimensional resolutions in one-on-one sessions
  • Learn how to use dialogue, imagery, ritual and healing sentences as tools for reconciliation
  • Learn how to facilitate three-dimensional family constellations in one-on-one sessions using footprints
  • Learn how to create effective treatment plans that include body-centered exercises, breathing techniques, and other practices based in neuroscience
  • Learn how to design individualized homework assignments that allow new images and sensations to root in the body.
  • Learn how to help clients break long-standing patterns of illness, fear and unhappiness
  • Learn how to restore the aliveness to a damaged, empty or strained relationship with the parents.

For many of us, the effects of unresolved trauma blend into our words, emotions, reactions and choices in ways we never even think to question.

Mark will teach you how to work with both inherited and early-life trauma, specifically how to help clients shift the inner images that keep them stuck in repetitive patterns. You will receive hands-on training in constructing a visceral, three-dimensional healing experience that allows a new image, with new sensations, root in the client’s body. Each time the new image is revisited, an opening is created in the body for greater ease and expansion. You will learn how to work with footprints in your individual sessions and how to design individualized homework assignments that help sustain integration.


7.500 dkk per module

All payments will be charged automatically to your card and you will receive an invoice via e-mail for each payment.

Sign up for Level 1 only: 7.500 dkk

Sign up for Level 1 + 2: 15.000 dkk

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Cancellation Policy: A full refund (less $150 administration fee plus Paypal fees if registration was more than six months ago) up to two weeks in advance. Then a 50% refund up to one week in advance. Then no refund within 5 business days of training.

The latest epigenetic research tells us that we can inherit the biological residue from traumatic events in our family history. In this 6-day training Mark Wolynn shows you how the suffering of parents (and grandparents) can live in our unexplained depression, anxiety, financial challenges, unhappy relationships, and even physical symptoms. And he teaches you effective ways to break inherited patterns of suffering so you – and your clients – can live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.


Mark Wolynn is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. He is the director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco and the author of IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle, winner of the 2016 Silver Nautilus Book Award in psychology. His articles have appeared in Psychology Today, Mind Body Green,, Elephant Journal and Psych Central, and his poetry has been published in The New Yorker.